The Internship Program aims to provide international students with an insightful working experience in the Australian working environment and an enriching opportunity to learn useful business English for their fields of specialization.

Duration of Internship
1) Tourist Visa Holders : English Course 8 weeks + Internship
⊙1) program 4 weeks
2) Working Holiday Visa Holders : English Course 12 weeks +
⊙1)  Internship program 6 weeks
3) Student Visa Holders: English Course 20 weeks +
⊙1)  Internship program 5 weeks

Wage : None

Application Fee : Varies depending on the duration of the
Internship program

Requirements :
1) Age : 18 yr or above
2) English requirement : Upper Intermediate or above (English
program will be offered)
3) Educational background or work experience relevant to the
desired field of internship course  
SK Telecom TTL Global Internship 2002
SK Telecom TTL Global Internship 2003

Internship Courses
: Computer Science, Hotel Management, Architecture, Advertising,
Bio-Pharmaceutical, Information Technology, Tourism, Public Relations, TV/Film,
Accounting, Marketing, etc.

※ ASA helps you to faciliate and organise the best internship program upon locating your desired field of course, number of presenters, duration, and budget.