Clothing: Clothing is expensive in Australia, so it is a good idea to bring summer and winter clothing. Bed linen and bath towels are also expensive and worth bringing to Australia.

Personal items: It is useful to pack items such as a small sewing kit, alarm clock, umbrella, raincoat, dictionary, address book, personal diary, vaccination certificates, prescriptions for medication, sports gear, toiletries, camera and other favourite personal items.

Electricity: Australia has 240 volt, AC 50 HZ cycle electricity. Some appliances have a 110/240V switch. If they do not, you will need a voltage converter. A three-pin plug is used in power points.    

International Driver's Licence: If you are a student on a student visa and you have no intention of becoming a permanent resident, you can drive in NSW with your driver's license from your home country. You shoud have the original licence and a letter (in English) from the licensing authority in your country or the relevant consulate or diplomatic office confirming your licence details and status.