SB Dr. Carsten Matthai's interview with SBS (2004)

Dr. Carsten Matthai, Director of Australia Studyworld Academy, is announcing newly enacted student visa regulations on a SBS show (June 8, 2004).

SB UniNews (The University of Sydney Newspaper)

Article about 'Korean Culture Day' co-organised by Australia Studyworld Academy, The University of Sydney, and SK Telecom

『More than 150 children adopted from Korea by Australian families had a rare opportunity to experience the culture of their birthplace during a visit to the University of Sydney.』
『The program was conducted by the University's Centre for English Teaching (CET) and faciliated by Sydney-based Australia Studyworld Academy (ASA), headed by Dr Jullianna Namkung-Matthai and Dr Carsten Matthai.

"The Korean Culture Day program has fulfilled an important need for Korean adoptees to experience their own birth culture", said Dr Namkung-Matthai." "The parents of the Korean adoptees have been delighted and supportive in their approval of the event."

About 2000 Korean babies have arrived in Australia since the 1970s for adoption.

However, said Dr Namkung-Matthai, "few opportunities of this kind exist to bring the atmosphere of Korea to these adoptees and it is hoped that future repeats of this type of program will bring the Korean community, Korean adoptees and their Australian parents closer together." 』
Other organisers included Saet Byol Korean School and the Australian Society for Intercountry Aid for Children.
This is the second year SK Telecom has held its TTL Global Internship program at the University of Sydney. The Cultrue Day was also attended by the Consul of the Republic of Korea, Mr Sung Gyu Bang.