The followings are English Language Programs categorised by subject areas, from General English to Advanced Academic English course.

Standard English Programs

 General English CET, IL, Insearch, ACE, SCE, UEC, Billy Blue, Embassy, Holmes, Uniworld, Aspect, Access To improve English skills in conversation, listening, writing, reading and grammar. The aim is to give a student the confidence to live and work in the English-speaking world. Students can enter at any level and progress at their own pace.
 English for
CET, IL, Insearch, ACE, SCE, UEC, Billy Blue, Embassy, Holmes, Uniworld, Aspect, Access To help students succeed in their tertiary studies at a University, a TAFE institution or a business college. It will improve students' English and their academic study skills. Writing, reading and presentation skills are emphasised in this program.
 High School
IL, Insearch, SCE, UEC, Billy Blue, Holmes, Uniworld, Aspect To prepare students linguistically, culturally and socially for entry to an Australian high school
 Business English CET, IL, Insearch, ACE, SCE, Billy Blue, Embassy, Holmes, Uniworld To develop students' business communication skills and their professional confidence. It will also improve their job prospects.

Preparation for International English Exams

To help students prepare for a number of tests :
CCambridge CCET, IL, ACE, SCE, UEC, Holmes, Aspect, Embssy, ACCESS
CIELTS CCET, IL, Insearch, Uniworld, Holmes, Aspect, Embssy, ACCESS
CTOEIC/TOEFL CIL, Uniworld, Aspect

Other English Courses

TEFL / TESOL To improve professional TEFL methodology, practical teaching methods, and language skills
English for Hospitality &
For those who work or are planning to work in the hospitality and tourism industry, including hotels and restaurants, travel and tour companies.
English for Academic
Business & MBA
To help preparation for students wishing to enter academic courses such as MBA or postgraduate degree in Commerce
English for Special
To improve the English language skills of professionals or of people in particular academic disciplines
Teacher Training International teacher training course
Holmes, Embassy
English for Work English skills at workplace and 20% internship / work experience
Internship of Work
Unpaid internship in a professional organisation
Working Holiday Support
To provide assistance and support in finding paid work experience in a non-professional context